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Custom Keycaps

Although 75% of Signature Plastics’ business involves sales of standard keycaps, for years we have worked with customers worldwide to help design and manufacture custom keycaps and housings for a variety of electronic input devices.
Because the designs and tooling for these projects are proprietary, the customer maintains exclusive rights to all manufactured products.




Some of the custom projects we have worked on over the past several years include:

  • flight deck keyboards for a leading aircraft manufacturer
  • fuel dispensing and payment system
  • security systems for the retail industry
  • homeland security systems
  • industrial controls for an air pollution monitoring system
  • reading light and attendant call buttons for a major airline manufacturer
  • automated fare collection system for the transit industry
  • mobile data collection system
  • parking control device
  • traffic flow recorder
  • toll collection system
  • business phone systems
  • digital video editing equipment
  • television broadcast and film production equipment
  • on-line voting system
  • state lottery systems



If you have a custom keycap requirement, please contact us. Our trained technical staff will help manage your project from the design and mold build stage through to the finished product.